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Blue Chip Windsurfing Sail Repair Service

I-SUP Boards

Blue Chip Express Repairs is the largest board & sail repair workshop facility in the UK. We repair all makes of boards and sails here on the premises to insurance standards. Most of our repairs are completely invisible. All of our repair work carries a Blue Chip Guarantee..

Online Sail Repair Estimate:
If in doubt as to what you may need to fix your sail
you can send us two images with a combined file size no larger that 2MB and description of the damage by clicking here
    Please include:
  • A close up of the damage
  • An image of the damage in relation to the whole sail
  • The model and make of the sail
(emails larger than 2 MB and all zip files will be blocked by our system) 
Due to receiving so many phishing and emails with spurious attachments,
we do not click on links, open zip files or open any attachments apart
from images sent in regular jpeg or gif formats

Our opening hours to take in sail repairs
Wednesdays 08:30 – 15:00
Thursdays 08:30 – 15:00
Fridays 08:30 – 15:00
Saturdays 08:30 – 12:00

Please Note:
We cannot give cost estimates or timescales for repairs
without either seeing the sail or an image.
We will only download emails with attachments up to 2MB so please only send lo res images
in either "jpg" or "gif" formats of less than 2MB per email, anything larger, we will not receive.

Problem: Approx. price
in £
Replacement of monofilm panel 40 - 100 
Cut in monofilm/crossply 10 - 20cm 30 - 40 
Cut in monofilm/crossply 20 - 40 cm 40 - 50 
Damage in monofilm/crossply (double sided Sabre patch) 40 - 80 
Replacement of x-ply panel 50 - 150 
Repair batten sleeve 30 - 40 
Break-through of batten (repair the batten pocket Luff end) 30 - 40 
Repair the stitching/seams of the foot 20 - 30 
Belt in bottom part of sail 25 - 30 
Replace clew eyelet with 16 mm heavy duty reinforced eyelet (20 tonne press) 25 - 30 
Replace Tack eyelet with 20 mm heavy duty reinforced eyelet (20 tonne press) 35 - 40 
Cut in mast sleeve (5 - 100cm) 40 - 80 
Sewing on eyelet clew with reinforcement  35 - 45 
Renew/Re-sew head cap  45 - 65 
Renew vario top 45 - 65 
Sew seams inside the top of Luff (in case mast can no be inserted anymore) 50 - 65 
Sew seams of sailbag 15 - 35 

Blue Chip Express Repairs is one of the largest board & sail repair workshop facility in the UK.
We repair all makes of boards and sails here on the premises to insurance standards and our own high Blue Chip standards
Click here to check out our repairs gallery
Confidence in our work
All of our repair work carries a Blue Chip guarantee.
Trade customers We repair sails for many well known and less well known retail outlets and training schools
We are approved insurance repairers for
Eagle Star, General Accident, Prudential, Northern Star, Viking Sail Safe, Bishop Skinner, Colin Curtis, Douglas Cox Tyrie, HSBC Gibbs, Newton Crum, Noble Marine
We repair all types of
construction :-
We carry a wide variety of sail cloths, monofilms in 100mic, 125mic, 150mic, 175mic, 200mic, 250mic. and reinforced monofilms; here is a selection of some of the reinforced specialist monofilm cloths that we stock;

As a rough price guide :-
A simple mono film panel replacement would cost about £40 depending on the size, complexity, material and location of the panel and take two or three of days to complete. (an express service is usually available on request)
We have a standard charge to repair the batten Luff end for Arrows, Tushingham and North sails of £35
As a rough price guide :- Some sails have panels made of materials with are not readily available to sail repairers, in these cases we suggest inserting a similar or contrasting style of cloth in the form of a sabre flash. Often a sabre flash will look part of the original sail prior to any damage.
Sabre flashes can cost as little as £40
Workshop Location
Sail Damage location report form
If you are sending in your sail for repair, please download and fill out our damage location report form. instructions such as "the damage is obvious" will not be acted upon, we need detailed instructions of what you want us to repair.

In our experience, transport companies are not the most caring when transporting your board, therefore please take notice of our packing advice by clicking here
Packing your sail Unfortunately, our courier contract has now reduced its maximum parcel length to 150 cm
we have therefore stopped collecting and sending windsurfing sails.
Transporting your sail to us:
Most customers drop their
sails off to our store / workshop, full directions including public transport and opening hours can be found at   the foot of this page  
Express Sail Repairs The Blue Chip Express Repair Service means just that. Once we have the sail we can complete the repair within 24 hours, often less, depending on the work involved. If you have a problem getting your sail to us, we can arrange an insured overnight service from you to us and back to you.
If you require the Express repair service you must specify this at the outset as we will need to build this into our schedule and cost appraisal.
Board and sail storage charges for repaired equipment left beyond the QRCD (quoted repair completion date)

Due to the amount of work we are now asked to undertake by private customers, insurance companies and trade work for other shops, together with a lack of storage space within our workshop, we cannot accommodate storage of finished boards and sails in our workshops for more than 10 days after the QRCD. However we now operate a secure post storage service.
Click here for board and sail storage charges for repaired equipment left beyond the QRCD (quoted repair completion date)