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About Blue Chip Board Store and Blue Chip Repairs  

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Blue Chip SUP - Surf & Windsurfing - Spanning 2 centuries since 1980

Over 50 years of water sports knowledge has built our reputation:

Brian Johncey has been involved in the watersports industry one way or another since 1965.

In 1970 Brian started by building and repairing surfboards and white water canoes

In 1980 Brian founded his Blue Chip Board Store.

Knowledge through 50 years experience has built our reputation, Brian has been involved in the watersports industry one way or another since 1965. And in 1980 Brian founded his Blue Chip Board Store. No one knows SUP like Blue Chip.
Blue Chip is ideally placed to guide you through the diverse marketplace of SUP..
Blue Chip is the largest UK supplier of SUP boards and products in the UK, nothing replaces knowledge from experience. Through personal recommendation and reputation, this trend continues to build.
In 2009, Brian started Blue Chip Windsurfing Ltd and moved all retail business into the new limited company and Blue Chip Board Store has to this day continued to be owned and operated by Blue Chip Windsurfing Ltd. Brian also continued to operate his Blue Chip SUP Training Centre and his Blue Chip Repairs in his own right as a sole trader.

SUP Training Centre
Blue Chip SUP School is part of Blue Chip SUP Training Centre and is owned and operated by Brian Johncey trading as Blue Chip SUP Training, an entirely separate business from the Blue Chip Board Store.  Blue Chip SUP Training Centre trains SUP instructors as part of British Canoeing Discipline Support Module for SUP at our water based centre (Thames Sailing Club) click here for more details on British Canoeing SUP instructor training with Blue Chip.

Blue Chip SUP School
The Blue Chip SUP School (established in 2008) in Kingston, Guildford and Molesey was the first ASI accredited SUP School in Europe The Guildford Lido technique sessions are only open to Blue Chip SUPer Club Members. Blue Chip now also offers British Canoeing accredited SUP lessons for beginners. Blue Chip SUP School has 8 qualified instructors to call on.

Repair Service:
Brian Johncey's Blue Chip Sailboards trading as Blue Chip Repairs, is an entirely separate business from the retail store, offering repairs to the water sports enthusiast.
Blue Chip repairs dingy sails, catamaran sails, spinnakers, kites, windsurfing sails, surfboards, kite boards & inflatable sup boards. Due to pressure of work, we no longer undertake repairs on windsurfing boards or hard shell SUP boards.
Brian Johncey operates his sole trader repair business from a workshop which is conveniently located in a separate building to the rear of Blue Chip Board Store.
The repair workshop can be accessed from Abbots Road or through the rear door of the Board Store.

Brian Johncey has the following repair service divisions with logical trading names which are:

  • Blue Chip Board Repairs
  • Blue Chip Sail Repairs
  • SailPhixer
  • BoardPhixer
  • Blue Chip iSUP Repairs
    All the above are trading names of Brian Johncey trading as Blue Chip Sailboards

Blue Chip Windsurfing Limited (the retail arm of Blue Chip) have the following service divisions with logical trading names which are:

  • Blue Chip Board Store
  • Blue Chip Windsurfing Store
  • Blue Chip Surf Store
  • Blue Chip SUP Store
  • Blue Chip i-SUP Store
  • Gun Sails UK


Brian has been in the water sports industry one way or another since 1965. Brian's years of experience driven knowledge is free...

Brian as a kayak instructor in 1969
1970, Brian explains to a student how a
Sub Aqua twin hose regulator works 
2016, Brian overseeing a lesson at the
Blue Chip SUP School on the Thames

Brian Johncey’s Blue Chip is the oldest family run Windsurfing, Surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding centre in the UK. In1980 Brian founded Blue Chip, the Windsurfing and Surfing store along with Express Windsurfing and Surfboard Repairs, Brian has been working with Structural Polymer fibres and resins for many years. Brian started building and repairing white water canoes back in 1965 as a volunteer youth activities leader. Brian soon gained the reputation of a master repairer in man made structural polymer materials where a strength to weight ratio was the prime requisite then just a few years later added the sail repairing arm to the already successful supply and repair business.

When SUP came to the UK, Blue Chip embraced this new water sport. Blue Chip soon gained a reputation as a leading SUP store and knowledge base for SUP. At Blue Chip, customer service, reputation and experience matters.
During his career Brian been a canoe, sub aqua and windsurfing instructor and has successfully completed the Academy of Surfing Instructors course to become the First UK qualified SUP instructor to ASI levels 1 & 2. Brian is also qualified as an "Activity First Aider" and has a "National Rescue Award" from the Royal National Life Saving Society and also has an enhanced CRB certificate, so you can be sure that Blue Chip SUP teaching sessions are well structured and enjoyable. Brian Johncey also undertakes SUP instructor training for British Canoeing at the Thames Sailing Club riverside base. Click here for more details

Blue Chip retail store for SUP - Surf & Windsurfing since 1980
  • Blue Chip is one of the oldest established Windsurfing / Surf & SUP stores in the UK. Since 1980 Blue Chip has specialised in the supply and servicing of Windsurfing, Surfing and since 2008 SUP products.
  • Blue Chip is the UK importer and distributor for Gun Sails the fastest growing windsurfing brand in Europe.
  • Blue Chip has one of the most efficient mail order systems in the windsurfing industry.
    • You can advertise you unwanted windsurfing equipment on the Blue Chip web site
    • FREE OF CHARGE. Your advert will be on the web for a minimum of two months.
    • You can either publish your details as the contact or use Blue Chip as the contact. For further details, click here