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SUP Leashes and Quick Release Waist Belts

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The Original Blue Chip Quick Release

SUP Leash Waist Belt
Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

A leash is not an optional extra

It's your personal lifeline

SUP Safety in detail

  • It is not a question of “should I wear a leash or not”
  • The question is “what leash setup do I need today”

Leashes explained in detail


Blue Chip Approved Leashes - 10 foot Double Swivel 8mm Heavy Duty Pro Coiled SUP Leash  

Your leash is the bedrock of your SUP safety setup

The SUP leashes have been Approved by The Real Blue Chip Board Store to be the best SUP leashes available and are ideal for Adventure paddling, Cruising, Racing, Downwind, Flat water. The Leash is such an important part of your safety equipment. Our Leashes wont let you down.
They are ultra-strong 8mm dual core urethane pre coiled 10’ leash with a 40mm extra padded 2” wide double wrap cuff with a key pocket and heavy duty swivel standoff which is very comfortable. Our leashes can also be attached to our quick release waist belt, see below. The board attachment is a tough triple closure with a heavy duty swivel standoff.

Green 10ft x 8mm Leash £24.95
Blue 10ft x 8mm Leash £24.95
Orange 10ft x 8mm Leash £24.95
Black 10ft x 8mm Leash £24.95
Yellow 10ft x 8mm Leash £24.95
Pink 10ft x 8mm Leash £24.95
Any Colour 10ft x 8mm Leash £24.95
We have tested and approved the leashes we supply to be the most reliable and bullet proof leashes on the market.
The pre formed coil means that the leash sits on top of your board and doesn't drag in the water collecting weeds etc. Most importantly it is far less likely to snag on surface or underwater obstacles, helping to keep you safe. 


Top quality Pro Coiled SUP 8mm Leash

  • High strength 8mm dual core urethane cord
  • Top quality stainless double swivels
  • Wide rail saver
  • Key pocket on ankle strap
  • Precision moulded fittings
  • 5 cm wide cushioned double Velcro combination ankle and calf strap
  • Approved by The Real Blue Chip
  • A perfect leash to fit the Blue Chip Quick Release Leash waist belt


The Original Blue Chip Quick Release SUP Leash Waist Belt

Made by Blue Chip in our Surrey workshop

In 2014, we started our search for a suitable reliable quick release waistbelt that met our requirements for use in rivers, streams, fast flowing and white water. Having found nothing available, we decided to create our own Blue Chip Quick Release Waistbelt. We asked various manufactures for samples and soon realised that the only way to ensure and maintain the quality required was to make them here in our workshop where the quality can be guaranteed. Another great benefit of making them ourselves is that we can make any improvements to our design / materials instantly.

Original Blue Chip Quick Release Waistbelt - £15

  • Webbing:- we use a comfortable 50mm heavy duty Polypropylene webbing

  • VHV “very high visibility” day and night with silver white reflection giving a brightness of over 450cd(lx/㎡) Reflection visible at night from over 500m for increased safety.

  • Leash attachment:- we in build a colour coded leash anchor point on our belt

  • Buckle:- we use the proven and exceptionally strong "Fixlock" Cam Buckle which is both very easy to adjust and has a positive quick release. The design incorporates “high side walls” on the buckle, which guard against accidental release and snagging during the release operation 

  • Quick release toggle:- We use a long secure quick release toggle. Our 120mm release toggle gives you a positive grip so you can still choose to stay with your board if the situation develops and this becomes a safer option.

  • Construction:- we make the Blue Chip Quick Release Waist Belt here in our Surrey sail repair workshop. We use the same heavy-duty yarn that we use on our sail repairs. The “Dabond 2000 UVR polyester thread“ from Heminway & Bartlett is a bonded, twisted continuous filament polyester yarn resistant to UV and the marine environment.

Custom Sizing:- Our standard size range 70cm - 120cm (28” – 47”) and we advise trimming the belt to give approximately 15cm of loose belt after the buckle, too much loose webbing could become a snagging hazard. We offer a Free service to trim the belt to your size if you supply your waist measurement as shown in the image.

Premium Blue Chip Quick Release Waistbelt with the following extras - £20

Accessories:- Our Premium Belt Come Complete With A Removable “D” Ring For Accessories.

Safety whistle:-

Emergency Whistle Orange High Visibility 100+ Decibel For Raising The Alarm



Original Blue Chip Quick Release Leash Belt £15
 Premium Blue Chip Quick Release Leash Belt £20

Instantly convert your own standard SUP leash into a waist fitted Quick  Release SUP leash suitable for use in whitewater and surf conditions.

No need to buy another leash, just use your own favourite leash...

The Real Blue Chip Quick Release Leash Belt turns any ankle or calf fitting SUP leash into a full on Quick Release fast flowing/rough water leash which will enable you to instantly detach yourself from the board and leash should the need arise and also gives you a second chance to stay in contact with your board. Wide and comfortable 50mm webbing. 
Standard Size range 70cm - 120cm (28” – 47”). 
As we make these Quick Release Leash belts in our Cheam workshop, we can accommodate any specific size requirements, just email your required size to

Designed and produced by The Real Blue Chip, professionals in water sports since 1980 
Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

Stay safe in fast flowing waters; rivers, streams & estuaries

  • The Blue Chip “Quick Release Leash Belt” uses the proven
    Fixlock Cam Buckle” with a lever pull cord.
  • Our design incorporates “side walls” on the buckle, which guard against accidental release.
  • The Blue Chip “Quick Release Leash Belt” in made in the UK
  • Fitted D ring for accessories
  • Comes with an Emergency whistle.

  • Velcro:-
  • We don't use any Velcro closures on our quick release belts.
  • We don't use any Velcro break-out closures.
  • We don't recommend Velcro for quick release systems as it will degrade in time in its holding capacity.


Safely disengage from the leash and board during a bad swim.
The Blue Chip Quick Release Leash Belt features a simple, easy to operate, non snagging quick-release buckle so you can safely detach yourself and swim away from your board if ever the need arises. 

Accepts all standard leashes, coiled or straight.
To the left is a typical set up using a standard coil leash, just attach your own ankle or calf cuff leash to the loop provided on the QR Belt and you are ready to go. An absolute must for all flowing waters; rivers, streams, estuary’s and adventure paddling.

Blue Chip "Snap Shackle Quick Release"    "for use with buoyancy aids"

The best “buoyancy aid quick release leash attachment” for fast flowing rivers
Designed and produced by The Real Blue Chip.

This will work with any standard leash with a Velcro ankle / calf cuff attachment.

White Water paddling needs a high positioned quick release on your buoyancy aid !


A high positioned leash attachment is essential in white water as it is a lot less likely to snag.  However, if your leash does snag in fast flowing water, it is important to act immediately. The Blue Chip "Snap Shackle Quick Release" gives you a strong and high positioned positive attachment for your leash with an immediate single pull releasing action and also gives you a second chance to stay in contact with your board. Made in the UK

A must for all fast flowing river paddling.

Blue Chip Snap Shackle Quick Release £34.95


Blue Chip "Instructor Tow Line"   

The Blue Chip "Instructor Tow Line" is long enough to attach to the centre of the instructor’s board and to the centre of the towed board vie a free running nose loop.

The two over sized heavy duty karabiners allow for a simple releasable attachment at both ends of the line for the instructor and the towed board.  Designed and produced by Blue Chip

Instructor Tow Line £29.95

Some White Water Action with the Blue Chip SUPer Club from Blue Chip on Vimeo.

SUP 8' Double Swivel "Tiki Pro" Straight Leash  

9ft SUP Leash £26.95

These leashes are very strong and can take the most demanding conditions. Each leash has a 6cm wide cushioned double Velcro ankle strap with a no tangle stand-off swivel anchor with integral key pocket. 

  • High strength 8mm urethane cord
  • Top quality brass double swivels
  • Detachable two way rail saver
  • Key pocket on ankle strap
  • Precision moulded fittings
  • 6cm wide cushioned double Velcro ankle strap
  • 9' leashes - More suited to surfing conditions