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Inflatable Spares And Accessories

I-SUP Board Brands

Blue Chip has over 30 years of experience driven knowledge, that's why Blue Chip SUP Store is the No1 SUP Supplier in the UK.
Come and visit us at our High Street Store, we open at 07:30, Blue Chip - more than just an internet store

Blue Chip holds the largest stocks of SUP accessories in London and the UK. We offer the best package deals available.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Thames from Teddington & Kingston to Shepperton & Chertsey twice a week, every week. Blue Chip has been a professional water sports store since 1980 and at the forefront of SUP in the UK since the beginning. Check out our Blue Chip SUPer Club online blog with 145,000+ viewings, we are not just following a trend and jumping on the band wagon, we're setting the trend and moving the sport forward all the time. Blue Chip is probably the leading SUP store and SUP school in the UK.

Buoyancy Aids Leashes Quick Release Belts

  FlyMount Blue Chip Gizmo Air Transport Bags

Cargo Nets   Wheelie Bags Multi pressure Pumps

SUP Hydrostar Light i-SUP Fins Astro Fin Box

Travel Paddles I-SUP Spares I-SUP Spares

Replacement Pump Hose I-SUP Glue I-SUP Fin Boxes


Blue Chip Board Store sets the standard (since 2012) by being the first store to supply all of our i-SUP boards with a free Gizmo. We don't follow the trends, we make them and others follow.
Please note: we produce the Hose Gizmo is made to  fit virtually all I-SUP pump hoses on the market and we supply these free with all of our i-SUP boards. if you require more information regarding the Blue Chip  Hose Gizmo, please email us at: 

The Blue Chip Hose Inflation Gizmo©

Let your 12v compressor (or any suitable tyre inflator system) do the work with our Blue Chip Schrader/car tyre Hose Gizmo. The Blue Chip Hose Gizmo is a fully functioning Schrader valve milled to fit directly into the pump end of your inflation hose. The  Schrader tyre inflator fits standard car foot pumps and  tyre inflators found at petrol stations etc. This is intended as an easy way to inflate or top up the pressure of your board, not to over inflate it..!  


Blue Chip Cargo Net

This is the most popular Cargo Net we supply
Fully adjustable elasticated cargo net: Made from heavy duty elasticated cord incorporating built in quick adjustable locking clamp the cargo net will fit any board, inflatable or hard shell, just loop through your board's anchor points.
Blue Chip Cargo Net £7.95


  • Suitable for all boards with anchor points 
  • Heavy Duty elasticated cord
  • Fully adjustable click and go clamp
  • Anchor points (not included) can be found here

Red Paddle Co.Cargo Net

Heavy Duty cargo net: Made from heavy duty trampoline mesh with built in elastic tie downs incorporating built in quick release hooks and a substantial zip pocket for phone pouch etc. the cargo net also comes with extra loops for more load carrying potential. Just hook onto your board's anchor points.
Cargo Net £19.95


  • 4 Quick fit hooks
  • Heavy Duty mesh
  • Zip Pocked for phone pouch etc.
  • 4 Extra outer loops for more cargo
  • Anchor points (not included) can be found here


Pro Limit iSUP Travel Bag:

Heavy duty iSUP air travel bag / rucksack

 This bag is a great travel companion with enough room for a board, paddle pump etc plus some holiday clothes, towels etc.

  • Wide opening easy loading and unloading
  • Integrated wheels makes travelling even easier
  • Padded backpack & straps
  • Padded handles on top and both sides
  • 4 internal compression straps
  • Twin outside compression straps
  • internal Velcro accessory pocket
ProLimit i-SUP wheeled Rucksack: £99


Red Paddle Co. i-SUP "Wheelie Bag" Rucksack:

To create a bag that is genuinely new you have to start again, and that’s what Red We know that when it comes to using an inflatable board, paddling is only part of the experience. This is why we’ve spent just as much time developing the absolute best luggage system for your board.

After covering over 100,000 miles with our boards we had a really good idea of what was needed from the ultimate bag. Our all new bag has the most significant developments yet seen with inflatable board bags. It has integrated wheels that make travelling through airports a pleasure. The hidden back pack system can be stowed when not in use and is super comfy when you need to put the board on your back. The front loading system makes packing and unpacking super simple. The internal strap makes sure the board stays put while in transit. This bag truly is the ultimate solution for travel and storage. 

Red Paddle i-SUP 4x4 wheeled Rucksack: £119.95



  • Front loading feature = easy loading and unloading
  • Integrated wheels = makes travelling with your Red even easier
  • Padded backpack straps = Super comfortable
  • Waist strap = ensures the bag stays in the optimum position for carrying
  • Twin side grasp handles = pick the bag up anyway you want
  • Velcro sealed clear pocket


Triple Action Pump

The new "Triple Action" SUP pump the new revolution in pump technology.

This is the latest design to give you a three stage high volume, high pressure pump, less time pumping and more time paddling !!

1.    Stage 1 gives you twin cylinders of air into your board on the down stroke as well as the up stroke so that gives you 4 cylinders of air for every stroke cycle.

2.    Stage 2 gives you twin cylinders of air into your board on the down stroke only, so that gives you 2 cylinders of air for every stroke cycle.

3.    Stage 3 gives you a single cylinder of high pressure air into your board on the down stroke only, so that gives you 1 cylinder of high pressure air for every stroke cycle.

·           capacity 3.5l + 3.5l (max 26 psi)

·         switch to change behaivier

·         extra strong construction

·         shoockproof gauge meter

·         seals and anti-sand filter for long life

Blue Chip

Triple Action high pressure Pump: £79.00



Titan Air Lock Pump

The  "Titan" Pump – .

The Titan  pump now has re-engineered top handle, "O" rings and valves which lock the air during every part of the pumping cycle and transmits 100% of your effort into air pressure thus dramatically reduces the time taken and effort required to inflate your board. The pump mixes double chamber performance and a clever switching system and unique Hi-Flo handle system to achieve the new bench mark in inflatable board pump technology. Stiffer boards create a better ride. One of the major contributing factors to board rigidity is the pressure inside the board. Pump Weight 2.1 kg

Blue Chip supplies the Red Paddle Co. boards with "Titan" pumps.

Red Paddle "Titan" Pump: £75.00



HP Double Action Pump

HP Pump "O" ring

High Pressure Double Action Pump

This is the new double action high pressure pump that comes standard with our boards It makes reaching high pressure much easier. You can now inflate a board to 27psi with the minimum of effort. By matching the need to make reaching high pressure as easy as possible while still allowing anyone to pump up a board within 5 minutes, developed with one of the best pump manufacturers in the world. Focusing on making the components as durable as possible we have tested the HP pump in all sorts of conditions to make sure it’s as reliable as possible.

  1. Stage 1 puts air into your board on the down stroke as well as the up stroke so that gives you 2 cylinders of air for every stroke cycle.

  2. Stage 2 gives you a single cylinder of high pressure air into your board on the down stroke only, so that gives you 1 cylinder of high pressure air for every stroke cycle to a maximum of 27psi

Double Action HP Pump  (colours may vary) £35.95
HP Pump Barrel Master "O" Ring (70 mm Ø internal barrel) £2.50  
Ring Automotive RAC900 Heavy Duty Air Compressor and Accessories Inc Storage Bag

12v Compressors

This is the 12v inflation pump we use:  One of the most powerful twin cylinder 12v portable air compressor in it's class, with a huge 110 lpm. connects directly onto your car 12v battery, nevertheless, we still hand pump the board to about 15 psi before connecting a 12v compressor. A workshop compressor, coupled with the Blue Chip Gizmo will have no problem inflating a SUP board all the way.

A SUP board will have about 50 -100 times as much air as a car tyre. As a rule of thumb, most small air compressors that plug into a cigarette lighter, will usually overheat / burnout after about 10 minutes. They can work long enough to pump up a car tyre but not a SUP board.


RSS Batten

Left your RSS batten on the beach? No problem, we have none branded spares complete with the tug rope (no velcro tab)  
Single plain RSS Batten £10




Performance Valve

Having a problem with a board valve ?

Replacement High Efficiency valve for inflatable SUP boards, fits most SUP boards inc. all the boards well supply, Red, Starboard, RRD, Mistral, Naish, Vandal, Fanatic, Gun etc

Notes on board valves

Performance Valve complete £21.95


Valve Key

Valve Key 8 section crown  This valve key enables you to remove the valve body for  servicing purposes.    (we also have 6 section value keys if required)  

8 section Valve Key £9.95


iSUP Repair Glue
Extra Large
70ml tube
and regular 30 ml tube

  • This is the one part inflatable adhesive that we use for small
    to medium repairs.
  • Extra large 70ml single part tube of glue.
  • The ideal one part glue for effecting any small to medium repair on
    your i-SUP    

    i-SUP 1 part repair glue 70ml £9.95
    i-SUP 1 part repair glue 30ml £4.95



iSUP Replacement Fin boxes

Replacement surface mounted i-SUP Fin Boxes    

7.5" Astro Fin Box (inc. skirt) £35.95
6.5" Red Fin Box (no skirt) £29.95
20cm Fin Box (inc. skirt) £29.95
Slot in Fin Box    (inc. skirt) £35.95
FCS Fin Box      (inc. skirt) £31.95






iSUP  FCS accessory mount

Retro fit FCS accessory mount

Just glue onto any SUP inflatable board to mount Go Pro camera or similar accessories     

FCS accessory mount £20



iSUP  Scotty accessory mount

Scotty Glue On Pad

The Scotty Glue On Pad allows you to add a Scotty Rod Holder or Scotty Anchor Lock to any inflatable standup paddle board or boat, kayak. To attach it to your boat, use one of the glues above to glue it at the desired location. Then bolt a Scotty Combination Side/Deck Mount or your Scotty Anchor Lock onto the pad.

Once the pad and deck mount are installed, you can attach (and remove when you wish) a Scotty Fly Rod Holder or Scotty Anchor Lock (Combination Side/Deck Mount already included with the Anchor Lock).

Dimensions: 7" x 5"  

FCS accessory mount £9.95



i_SUP Pump Hose

Replacement standard hose for i-SUP pump with standard screw fitting onto the pump / pressure gauge fitting;
supplied as (A) - without the troublesome bar (B)
across the bayonet fitting which can sometimes open the valve
on releasing the bayonet fitting from the board and initiate deflation.

Pump Hose £13.95



i_SUP Pump Top handle

Replacement Top Handle for pump shaft

Top "T" handle £9.95



i_SUP Pump Pressure Gauge

Replacement pressure gauge  

i_SUP Pump Pressure Gauge £14.95