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Blue Chip Board Repair Products

I-SUP Board Brands

Blue Chip Express Repairs has the largest DIY product range in London and the UK and has the largest board & sail repair workshop facility in the UK.  We repair all makes of boards and sails here on the premises to insurance standards. Most of our repairs are completely invisible. All of our repair work carries a Blue Chip Guarantee..
Clear Epoxy Resin Kit Pro resin pack 300 White Gelcoat Thermal Release Glue

Glass woven multi axel fabric Sheet of 3mm High Density Resin Additives Aqua Stick

    Deck Grip Sun Cure Resin

Thermal Glue Sticks I-SUP Repair Adhesives Neoprene Glue Zip Runners

Blue Chip Cargo Net     I-SUP Anchor points I-SUP Fin Boxes

  Aqua Neo Patch
Neoprene repairs
Neoprene repairs
Surfboard repair products

New Formula 30 minute White
Aqua Epoxy Repair Stick  

Aqua-Stick© £10

  • Cures whiter than other epoxy repair putties
  • New easy mix formula
  • Smoother texture
  • Bonds to wet surface
  • Sets after 30 minutes
  • Cures rock hard
  • Ideal for dings and impact damage

30 Minute Aqua-Stick©  is a two -part epoxy putty stick that repairs: Windsurfing boards; Surfboards; Dinghies; Wakeboards; Kiteboards; Fibreglass; Ceramics. Cures rock hard in minutes. Bonds well to wet surfaces. Can be painted and sanded:  Will not affect a professional repair at a later stage.

 Click here for instructions

Clear Epoxy resin repair set

This is ideal for the DIY repair enthusiast. It comes complete in a two part syringe resin  (Mix ratio 50 : 50)

Resin Set  50 ml £15

More board and sail repair tips can be found here

Pro Resin pack 300

This is ideal for the more ambisios DIY repair enthusiast. It is a multi-purpose epoxy, supplied only in a small pack (300ml). It is designed for quick repair work and small scale construction jobs. The system is extremely reactive with a pot-life of just 8 minutes at 20°C. It is therefore best suited to small tasks, and should not be applied in thicknesses exceeding 3mm.

Pro resin Set  300 ml £16.95

More board and sail repair tips can be found here

Gelcoat Kit

Our White Gelcoat kit is self contained in one sigle tube for surface repair. Ideal for scratches, dings and small repairs.

  • 70g White Gelcoat

Gelcoat Pack 70 g £12.95

More board and sail repair tips can be found here

Glass woven multi axel fabric

Glass woven multi axel fabric 80 g/m²
Width Price  
100 mm £1.50 per metre

Sheet of 3mm High Density

Dyvinicell polyester Sandwich material
210 x 145mm (A5)  
Gauge Price  
3 mm £5 per sheet

Dynamic Resin Additives

By adding microfibres to your normal resin mix you create high strength adhesive properties to your resin mix.
Price per
250ml Pouch

2 Part Transparent Board Grip
New Formula Board-Grip
Efficient 2 pack clear non-slip clear coating for your board. Best applied via a spray gun but can also be applied with a small diameter sponge roller (available from most DIY stores).
Contents: 0.5 kg -  Non Sip Coating + Hardener. (Typically enough for two boards)

Delivery can only be made via our appointed courier service 

2 part Board Grip pack £29.95

NOTE: we cannot send board grip or paint products overseas

Blue Chip
Thermal Glue
The professional's choice

  • Will not affect a professional repair at a later stage.
  • Not suitable for use with glass matting.

Thermal Release Glue
Sets in 5 minutes - full strength in 1 hour and separates at 245ºc

Designed primarily as a high performance fast acting clear Thermal Release epoxy glue. This new formula sets in 5 minutes and will release at 245°c, Great for gluing SUP paddle components permanently whilst being able to separate if required. We also offer a free in store paddle separation service if required.

Also ideal to form a watertight seal to get you back on the water without delay. Supplied in a twin syringe pack for easy mixing. Dries to a clear finish so this is ideal for emergency repairs to any board

5 Minute Clear Thermal Release Glue - 50 ml £10

Blue Chip
Thermal Glue for composites
The professional's choice


Thermal Glue Sticks

Blue Chip Thermo Glue Stick for structural composite polymers
Heat range 180° to 190° 
When applied correctly, the Blue Chip Glue Stick will give an almost permanent bond for structural composite polymers and will only release with heat 180° to 190°

(100 mm  or 300 mm x 12 mm)  can be used with a suitable heat gun, just heat the substrates to correct temperature and rub the glue stick against it to deposit a suitable amount of glue prior to engaging the two surfaces and allow to cool.  Blades and handles can be repositioned by re-heating the joint.

100 mm x 12 mm £5
300 mm x 12 mm £10

5 g

Stormsure Mini Neoprene Glue
New Formula

Ideal for repairing rips, splits, leaks and tears in wetsuits and drysuits, waders, waterproof clothing, ponchos, tents, marquees, ground sheets, awnings, paddling pools, pool liners, inflatable boats and toys, horse rugs, trainers, car soft top repair etc.

Works on most materials, but not Polythene, Polypropylene or PTFE.  The only glue you need to fix a rip leak or tear on any flexible material or fabric.  Very strong, but remains flexible when cured. Very resistant to abrasion. Essential in a repair kit for Hikers, fishermen divers,campers, caravaners, fishermen, wind, kite and board surfers, sailors, soldiers etc.

We supply in the new 5 gm mini tubes to avoid waste

Stormsure Neoprene Glue 5g £2.95

Not Aquaseal or Aquasure but does exactly the same job, but it does not form a skin as quickly which allows more working time.

Aqua Neo Patch
Ideal to repair you damaged wetsuit  

A specially designed multi-stretch material that will iron onto any neoprene (single or double lined wetsuits) quickly and easily with a normal household iron.   250 mm x 140 mm

Black Neo Patch £7.50

  • Aqua-Neo-Patch provides a clean, permanent and professional repair that you can perform at home in seconds (full instructions are supplied).
  • Supplied in Black.
  • One Aqua-Neo-Patch can be cut into much smaller pieces and therefore make loads of repairs.
  •   Click here for illustrated instructions

 Click here for illustrated instructions

Ideal to reinforce knees, elbows, shins and crotch areas

ArmourFlex  is a 4 Layer Polyacrylic Neo Patch. Neo Patch ArmourFlex  is similar to our well established Neo Patch with the addition of a Polyacrilic outer layer, which is a flexible and abrasion resistant surface treatment. The Polyacrilic layer is designed to help increase durability of your neoprene and protect against abrasion on vulnerable areas such as knees, shins, crotch, arms and elbows.

ArmourFlex specially designed multi-stretch material that will iron onto your neoprene wetsuit quickly and easily with a normal household iron. ArmourFlex  provides a clean, permanent and professional repair that you can perform at home in seconds (full instructions are supplied). One ArmourFlex 300mm x 250mm is ample to repair two full sized knee areas and still have enough to reinforce the crotch area on your wetsuit

ArmourFlex £15