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Supolo World Series
National Sup-Polo League (NSPL)

The “Sup-Polo World Series” has created the National Sup-Polo League (NSPL) for the purpose of promoting club SUPolo and developing the sport by way of competitive matches within a league table.

Overview: -

  • Teams will compete with each other to qualify for the NSPL “Battle of the Thames” Tournament in June and the NSPL “Champions” Tournament in September each year.

  • The teams in the NSPL will compete against each other in the league.All teams will compete under the SUPolo World Series rules found at

  • A club may enter more than one team into the NSPL subject to availability.

  • Regional Leagues: If required, we have the ability to develop and administer regional leagues such as
    North, Midlands, South West, South, South East, Scotland, Wales. if required. see Notes 2

NSPL Games: -

Games can be played at: -

  • The official NSPL Arena Pitch in Surbiton every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month; see Notes 1.

  • Any home or away venue with a suitable pitch or a pitch agreed with both Team Managers.

Points are awarded within the league on the following basis: -

  • 3 points for a win

  • 1 point for a draw

  • 0 points for a loss

Also taken into account for position in the league: -

  • Goals scored for

  • Goals scored against

  • Goal difference

Mid-Summer “Battle of the Thames” Tournament Day: -

  • The top teams in the League (max 14 teams) on the 1st Saturday of June will play in the NSPL “Battle of the Thames” Tournament which will be held annually in the NSPL Arena Pitch at TSC in early June; see Notes.

Late Summer “Masters” Tournament Day: -

  • The top 5 clubs in the League on the 1st Saturday in September plus the winner of BOTT will play in the NSPL Champions Tournament which will be held annually in early September in the NSPL Arena Pitch at TSC ; see Notes 4

> If a club has more than one team finishing in the top 6 of the league, that club must elect just one team to represent them in the tournament.
> If a team is not able to enter a tournament, the next highest placed team in the NSPL will be invited to take part in the tournament.


Matches played at the official NSPL Arena Pitch in Surbiton: -

The official NSPL Arena Pitch will be set up at TSC every 2nd Saturday of the season as set out below
Other dates may also come on stream


The facilities at the NSPL Arena Pitch at TSC include Club Car Park, Changing Rooms and Club Bar

2:    Regional League qualifications

  • The Regional League tables will operate with a minimum of 2 qualifying Regions

  • A minimum of 3 NSPL registered teams are required to qualify as a NSPL Regional League

  • Geographic Regions can be adjusted as required

3:    Team qualification to BOTT

  • A maximum of 7 regions (14 teams) can enter the BOTT Tournament

  • If less than 6 regions enter BOTT then other achieving NSPL teams will be invited to enter into the tournament to reach a maximum of 12 teams.

  • Regional bonus teams will be invited in relation to the quantity of teams playing in each region

4:   BOTT Format


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