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Blue Chip Plays SUPolo every second Saturday in a heated outdoor pool
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SUPolo Rules
SUPolo rules in brief
  • Two teams of 4 (maximum)            

  • Two teams of 4 (maximum) in play at all times.
  • Each team can have substitute players which can be swapped at an time during play
  • Substitute players must be registered prior to the match
  • Each team is limited to a maximum of 8 substitute players
  • Only 4 Team boards in the pool          

Each team can only use 4 nominated i-SUP boards for any given game. Boards cannot be swapped once a game has started unless the player on the board is also being substituted.
  • Only 4 Team boards in play           

Swapped players must either use the same board that the original player started the game on or if also changing boards, the original board must come out of the water before the new board is put into the water.

  • Swapping Players                

Players can be swapped with "pre-registered reserve players" by the Team Coach at any time during the game and as many times as the team coach decides. Only "pre-advised reserve players" can enter the game. Play will not stop while players are being swapped, so speed is of the essence.
  • SUPolo area                

Approximately 25m   x 20m
  • Ball                             

18.5cm Diameter minimum weight 300g  -  water polo size 3
  • Two goals                   

Inflatable or rigid and floating
Maximum size 2.5m x 1.5m  -  Minimum size 2.0m x 1.0m
  • SUPolo Paddles        

 SUPolo "Wholypaddles" are advised
  • SUPolo Boards        

 Any iSUP board, the more maneuverable the better
  • Time                                  

5 minutes each way - (10 minutes total) .
The clock will stop after a goal has been scored and will restart on the Ref's restart whistle.
Pay particular attention to rules 8, 9 and 11 below

Rules in detail:

  1. There will be 1 referee with whistle

  2. The referee's decision will be final

  3. Ball to be played with paddle or head only

  4. No leashes to be worn

  5. Ball to be played only when standing on your SUP board or all body in the air

  6. No Paddle contact with opponent or opponent's boards or opponents

  7. No Person to Person contact

  8. Board to board and paddle to paddle contact is allowed only when directly playing the ball or challenging for possession of the ball.

  9. Player must be "on their feet" on their own board on in the air to play the ball

  10. A goal is scored only if the ball crosses the goal line.

  11. No goals can be scored by players in their own half (apart from home goals)

  12. A penalty will be awarded against a player if they deliberately put the ball out of play and or deliberately fall on an opponent’s board to gain advantage

  13. It will be deemed as a foul in a player in the water blocks or interferes with an opponent  A penalty will be awarded against a player if they deliberately put the ball out of play and or deliberately fall on an opponants board to gain advantageIt will be demed as a fowl

  14. Paddles must not be raised above shoulder height unless playing the ball

  15. No traveling the ball on the board

  16. No handling of the ball

  17. Teams to change ends at half time

  18. To Start The game:

    1. Each player must have the tail of their board touching their own goal / base line to start the game or as directed by the referee

    2. The ball will be thrown to the centre of the pool by the ref to start the game or pay on

  19. After a goal is scored, the ref will ask the teams to go back to there respective ends of the pitch and the ref can restart the game when there is a clear space of approximately 5 meters between the opposing teams or at the Ref's discretion.

  20. If the ball goes out of playa replacement ball will be thrown back into the centre of the pool without delay by the Ref or a line ref to re-start the play

  21. If a player infringes one of the game rules, the Ref may direct that player into the Sin-Bin for a 60 second period

  22. Players may not use their hands to save a goal, If a player uses their hand to save a goal, the ref will award a penalty play

  23. Taking a Penalty:

    ·         The team taking the penalty shot must appoint a single penalty shooter.

    ·         The penalty shot must be taken from within the penalty takers half.

    ·         All players (apart from the defending goalkeeper) must be behind the penalty taker

    ·         The team defending the penalty shot can appoint a single goalkeeper to defend their goal from the penalty shot.

    ·         The goalkeeper must position themselves within the goal line and 1 metre from the goal until the penalty shot is taken.

    ·         The penalty shot must be taken the moment the referee sounds their whistle and the game will re-start immediately from the moment the penalty shot is taken.

  24. Pools: There must be a 2m wide roped off margin around the pool side to avoid player contact with pool edge