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Naish 2020 Race 14' x 25" & 14' x 27"

I-SUP Board Brands

What's in the box
» iSUP board
» 3 Part  Ajustable breakdown paddle
» Industry Standard US box Fin
» Double Action Pump 
» Blue Chip Heavy Duty coiled SUP Leash 
» Side Handles
» Waterproof Key Pouch 
» Repair Kit 
» Carrying rucksack 
» Blue Chip Inflation Gizmo
What else do you get with your board package
» FREE1 Year International Warranty
» FREE standard mainland delivery
» FREE £25 discount voucher Click Here for details  
» FREE Paddle Technique Coaching Session 
» A heavy-duty leash fixing on the tail
» A central carrying handle built into the deck
» Industry standard Inflation valve on the nose
» Luggage Net
Why buy from Blue Chip
The Knowledge Zone
Over 50 years of water sports knowledge
Naish boards - lighter, stronger, faster with a new performance construction & shapes

  Length Width Thickness Volume Rider Weight * Board weight ** Package value Our Price  
Maliko 14' 25" 150 330 100 kg 10.5kg £1549 £1349
Malico 14' 27" 150 357 110 kg 10.5kg £1549 £1349


The NAISH BOARDS GIVE performance by design:

Maliko inflatables are designed with no compromise—they are made to win races. Their design is inspired from our multiple world title-winning Maliko hard boards. Their nose slices through water and drag is extremely reduced to assure they go as fast as possible.
The key element in this board is stiffness. Our new construction allows for a high inflation pressure of up to 21 PSI. This, along with the double carbon stringer (along top & bottom) make the Maliko inflatables the stiffest yet. Furthermore, the construction eliminates the need for added parts or strings, distributing stiffness along the entire board. We’ve also placed two stringers
directly under the rider’s feet. This added stiffness minimizes buckling and eliminates bumps formed along the board’s bottom from the riders weight. The result is reduced water resistance and superior speed.
Hydroslick edges reduce wasted energy by creating a clean water release in the tail. This maximizes paddling efficiency, so you move forward faster! Extra handles in the front of the board let you grab the board faster in and out of the water helping you gain those few crucial seconds to cross the finish line ahead of the competition. Malikos are equipped with US fin boxes and come with a race fin, butterfly screw and Phillips head screw (for lower drag) to give you unlimited options to customize your fin design depending on conditions.

14’0” x 25” x 6” (330 L) is ideal for racers up to 220 lbs/100 kg.
14’0” x 27” x 6” (357 L) is ideal for racers up to 240 lbs/110 kg.

We can send these boards to any address in the UK, Europe and rest of the World with ease.