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Gladiator 12'6 Touring Pro -  2023

I-SUP Boards

What's in the box
» iSUP board
» 3 Part Carbon adjustable breakdown paddle
» US Box Fin
» Double Action Pump 
» Coiled SUP Leash 
» Waterproof Dry Bag
» Repair Kit 
» Wheeled Carrying rucksack 
What else do you get with your board package
» FREE 3 Year Warranty
» FREE standard mainland delivery
» Customer Service from The Real Blue Chip...
» A heavy-duty leash fixing on the tail
» Heavy-duty mooring eye on the nose
» A central carrying handle built into the deck
» Luggage Net Fixing Points
Why buy from Blue Chip
The Knowledge Zone
Over 50 years of water sports knowledge
2023 Gladiator boards - lighter, stronger, faster with a new performance shape

  Length Width Depth Volume Optimum
Rider Weight * Board weight ** Our Price  
Pro 12'6" 30" 150 330 17 psi 26 psi 120 kg 9.5 kg £549
Pro 12'6" 32" 150 350 17 psi 26 psi 120 kg 9.5 kg £549


Gladiator 2023 Pro Series    

A premium board at an affordable price


The Gladiator Pro range of inflatable paddleboards are made from high-density double laminated fusion dropstitch material, with the ability to reach 26psi it ensures a stiff board for an exceptional paddling experience. Features include front, rear and centre carrying handles for easy transportation and bungee tie-downs for carrying kit. The Gladiator Pro is reinforced with a Triple Xstrong rail which adds to the ‘solid’ board feel. Thanks to its design and manufacturing method the narrow super-strong edge becomes an integral part of the SUP board, as a result, the board offers even more rigidity, glide and performance.


The Gladiator Pro 12'6 is for those who want to up their game and paddle longer distances with a touring board. The 12'6 Pro Sport board provides extra glide and speed whilst still being easy to paddle. Whether paddling with your dog or child sat on the front.


The sport is 30" x 6" wide for a rider wanting even more speed with optimal stability.

Carbon Paddle This upgraded SUP paddle is included with the Pro range. With a nylon blade and carbon shaft it is a step-up in performance, for faster forward paddling.


Double Action Pump Inflate your board faster and more easily with continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action. At the flick of a switch, the double-action becomes single-action for easy inflation to 20 PSI.


Wheeled Backpack. . The Gladiator Pro backpack with wheels is designed to carry all of your Gladiator paddleboard kit easily. Perfect for heading to the beach or global travel. The Pro bag is very comfortable and easy to use, thanks to the extra durable wheels as well as the premium backpack strap and padded back. The bag is also great for traveling as the straps quickly and easily velcro into the back with a 3-way opening system, this 3 way system also comes into its own when pulling the bag as it allows the rider to quickly tuck the straps away to prevent them from dragging on the floor. The inside of the bag is foil-lined which is great for UV protection when the board is been stored.