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Paddle Technique Session

I-SUP Board Brands

Thames Sailing Club Paddleboard School:-
The original Blue Chip Paddleboard School started in 2008 by Brian Johncey soon built up a reputation of excellence and fun training, being the first ASI qualified school in Europe. The school established a great relationship with The Thames Sailing Club in Surbiton in 2010 where it has remained ever since.

You’re in safe hands:
The Paddleboard School team of instructors have been bringing Paddleboarding to the local community since 2008

TSC Paddeboard School instructors have maintained their ASI, British Canoeing and or Blue Chip Acadermy of SUP Instructors qualifications, our paddleboard instructors are certified “Paddle-Safe, Safeguarding and Best Practices” along with first aid qualifications..

Brian Johncey, a water sports professional since 1970, a voluntary Youth Activity leader, 1974 was a co leader taking 60 children on a 4 week expedition into the Sahara Desert. Brian has been a highly qualified instructor with over 40 years experience, bringing knowledge, experience and passion to SUP.

  • Brian has qualified as:
  • BCU canoe instructor
  • BSAC sub aqua instructor
  • One of the first RYA windsurfing instructors
  • ASI SUP instructor

Brian Johncey is Membership Secretary for the Blue Chip Super Club, British Canoeing SUP Tutor - British Canoeing Paddleboard DSM Provider and Principle of the Blue Chip Academy of SUP Instructors

  • Brian ran the first in the ASI accredited SUP School in Europe
  • Brian was the first ASI Instructor in Europe qualified to ASI levels 1 & 2.
  • Qualified to RYA Power Boat level 1 & 2 re-validated March 2015.
  • Brian has qualified as an Activity First Aider
  • National Rescue Award from the Royal National Life Saving Society
  • ASI Water Safety Rescue Award re-validated April 2015
  • Enhanced CRB Certificate validated January 2015
  • Principle of the Blue Chip Academy of SUP Instructors
The Paddleboard School at
Thames Sailing Club was the 1st
ASI SUP School in Europe
Brian Johncey was the
1st ASI SUP Instructor
in Europe

A fantastic location at:  Surbiton - Kingston

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The TSC Paddleboard School has the best instructor / student ratios in the business, it is not unusual in the Paddleboard Lessons to have a 1-1 ratio of instructors/students.



The SUP phenomenon:

When Paddleboarding first came to the UK, Blue Chip embraced this up and coming water sport. Blue Chip Board Store soon gained a reputation as the leading store and knowledge base for Paddleboarding in the UK. At Blue Chip, customer service, reputation, experience and knowledge of the sport matters.

The Numbers:

Over the past few years, many hundreds of people have enjoyed Paddleboarding Taster Sessions at the Thames Sailing Club.
The Real Blue Chip Super Club
has over 200,000 viewings of its on-line paddling adventures.

 Paddleboarding at the Thames Sailing Club:  

Over 40 years of experience, knowledge and passion in teaching water sports has taught us not to compromise on the details, details such as the equipment we use, the teaching techniques we use and the passion we give to the sport of Stand Up Paddling. The past 40 years have given Blue Chip Paddleboarding a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion.

  • TSC Paddleboard Lessons run on the principle of safety, knowledge, fun and more fun.
  • All TSCPS instructors are ASI and or British Canueing Qualified SUP Instructors
  • Brian Johncey (head of Paddleboarding activities at TSC) was the first qualified ASI SUP instructor in Europe
  • The Paddleboard School at TSC was the first ASI accredited SUP School in Europe
  • TSCPS comprehensive Paddleboard lessons take you through every aspect of Paddleboarding

These videos will give you a good background to your lesson
Basic paddle technique part 1 Basic paddle technique part 1

The TSC Paddleboard School Facilities & Syllabus  

TSC Paddleboard School Facilities:-
Club House:
TSCPS have use of the Club House, changing rooms, toilets & showers
Car Park:

The Club has its own private car park for club members and TSCPS participants    

Overall Safety:

  • Awareness of the environment and potential risks of chosen paddle locations:
  • Other water craft and rights of passage
  • Coastal tides, springs, neaps and tidal ebbs
  • Static and dynamic hazards
  • Winds & wind fetch.
  • River flows and currents
  • River tides, springs, neaps and tidal ebbs
  • Leashes
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Locks
  • How to cope with emergency situations
  • Self rescue 
Equipment review:
  • Board designs including hard shell and inflatable plus their relevant advantages
  • Paddle designs and their relevant advantages
  • Using a board leash, which style of leash to use etc.
  • We will have a variety of equipment to demonstrate the various attributes
Land based practical:
  • Attaching the leash to your board correctly .
  • The correct way to stand on the board, including footedness
  • How to pick up and carry the board safely with consideration to current conditions.  
  • Paddle height - Finding the correct starting point for paddle height
Water based technique:
  • Entering the water safely and things to be aware of
  • Getting on board
  • Paddle technique including the 4 phases of:-
    • 1. Blade entry
    • 2. Catch
    • 3. Stroke
    • 4. Recovery
  • Moving the board past the anchored blade
  • Core rotation
  • Knee paddling and prone paddle technique
  • Transition from prone paddling to standing with paddle to start paddling
  • How to fall off the board safely
  • How to turn the board
  • Safe dismount from the board with paddle