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31st October

Guildford,  Friday 31st Oct "Paddleween" Paddle,

8 of us turned out for this beautiful evening Paddleween through Guildford.

Sarah, Mark M, Ian, Sarah, Steve, Terry, Matthew and myself.

We kicked off at 19:00 
and brought Halloween to Guildford like never before....



Guildford here we come....

Weenie the Witch decided to go "Au naturel" and nearly singed her assets with her Tea lights,
no wonder the Police got involved !!!!!


 For some reason there were loads of onlookers on the bridges and the river banks


The Four Paddlers of the Apocalypse



Check out "Paddleween" the movie * * *

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "




29th Oct

"Run Like a River" paddle

'Twas the night before Halloweens (well the night before the night before)
and the river was
quiet and as requested the rain had stopped for us.
10 of us turned out to make the most of the mild evening

Jules, Myself, Terry, Mark, Ali, Sarah, Ian, Leslie, Paul, and newbie Jo.

We soon reached Kingston Town

Passing John Lewis we continued downstream towards Teddington.
after rounding Trowlock Island we headed back upstream

The rain held off for the complete paddle     

Newbie Jo did amazingly well for her first paddle..

Another great paddle
Check out the video:-


22nd Oct

River Thames Night Paddle

11 of us turned out for this beautiful evening paddle.

Sarah, Mark M, Mark D, Ian, Sarah, Lucy, Leslie, Tiffany, Justin, Jules and myself.

we kicked off at 19:00 and Mark immediately gave away his costume for the
up coming "Paddleween"  Halloween Paddle next week...
Really scary Mark.... or were you auditioning for the
"Blue Men"


Ian's outfit was not nearly as scary...


Jules was looking good on the Silver Surfer as we arrived at Hampton Court



Terry had a blast on the Ghost Rider



8th Oct

Blue Chip Moves to the Dark Side

Just 6 of us turned out for this beautiful balmy evening paddle.

Sarah, Ali, Mark, Hanno, Jules and myself.

we kicked off at 19:00


We paddled the easy route around the Priory avoiding the weir


The moon looked great as did Hanno in the Ghost Rider's light




1st Oct

Blue Chip Glides into the Darkish Side

11 of us turned out for this cruise:

Jules, Mark M, Paul, Dave, Louise, Lucy, Mark D, Terry, Ian, Richard and myself.

We set off to get the last of the daylight:



By the time we reached Ditton Island, the sat of the daylight was disappearing


We pushed on up and soon Hampton Court bridge was in sight


We soon paddled under the bridge to see the Miter pub on our right

We turned to cross the Thames leaving the Miter behind us


We passed the Albany on our way back


and then the Swan


Before we knew it we were back and landing at our river side club





24th Sept

Costa Brava 2014

Check out the video of our trip to Cost Brava


17th Sept

Thames Court in Shepperton to Chertsey

15 of us turned out to make the most of the glorious summer evening
and paddle till the sun went down and the night fell,

Jules, Myself, Terry, Calum, Mark, Sarah, Matthew, Paul, Richard, Justine, Steve, Leslie,
Bruce, and newbies Chris and Lucy..


We kicked off at just before 19:00.

Steve took the lead

After passing "Pharos island",  Docket Eddy, Ryepeck Meadow, Dumsey Eyot and on to Chertsey

We carried on up to the weir where we turned around top make our way back as the dusk fell on us

the evenings are now drawing in quickly

It was soon time to switch on oiur lights

By the time we got back to the pub it was completely dark and only our lights
and those from the pub to guide us back



10th Sept

Another Blue Chip Sundowner Paddle.


21 of us turned out to make the most of the glorious summer evening
and paddle till the sun went down over the surrey hills.

Jules, Terry, Calum, Ali, Mark, Sarah, Ian, Matthew, Paul, David,
Louise, Jasper, Paul, Warren, Richard, Justine, Steve, Leslie,
Gary and newbie Michaela.


This was a great paddle with the option to paddle the full fat route
including the weir and circumnavigating the Newark Priory ruins
or to go for the semi skimmed route and miss out the weir in the hope
of getting back to the pub before last orders for food at 20:15.


Jules, Ian, Jasper, Warren, Richard, Justine, Steve, Leslie and I

went for the full fat route and we met the rest of the team on the far
side of the weir as they were making their way back to the pub.

in the end we all made it back in time for food…..

Check out the video here for some weir action


Another great paddle

3rd Sept

The Blue Chip Sundowner Paddle.


Just six of us turned out for the Sundowner paddle,


Every great journey starts with the first step,

 We were soon heading out of the town


And before long we reached the first locket St. Catherin’s


Then on past the meadows with the sun going down behind us.


As we reached the “Terry’s Plunge Pool” entrance,

we decided to just take the easy route to the weir head

where we turned around and headed back to Guildford
towards the


The sun was now setting fast.


All of a sudden, we were paddling by moonlight

as we made our way back to the pub…

Check out the Sundowner video