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Blue Chip Trowlock Island paddle

A good turnout for the Wednesday paddle with 15 of us including Louise and David joining us for the first time.

we soon got ourselves sorted and on the water and Dave insisted on saying a praying to
the Paddle God before we set off

As we paddled downstream, Frankie noticed a hissing sound coming from her borrowed board
she pulled over to the side so that we could investigate

Then she found an air leak coming from the surrounding area close to the valve.
we decided the she should be OK to complete the paddle (not so sure about the board though)
:-)   :-)  :-)  :-)

We pushed on downstream and past the riverside bars and restaurants
with Frankie having some urgency about her paddling for some reason...

Then under the Kingston Road Bridge

3 paddlers Caught on CCTV committing a traffic offence by paddling under a closed bridge span.......

The Jules decided to give chase to a passing boatd

Then we reached the tranquil waters around Trowlock Island

After Trowlock it was time to head back to see if we could get Frankie back before she was engulfed
by the Thames...

Check out the video to see who won, Frankie or the Thames


13th Aug

Blue Chip Cruises from Weir 2 Weir

Jules and I arrived to find Mark, Ali, Sarah, Frankie, Paul E, Paul W, Leslie, Justine, Matthew and newbies Hugh & Gary, so we were 13 intrepid paddlers setting off on our weir 2 weir cruise up to Shepperton and around Desborough Island

We were soon ready for the off

As we paddled upstream we passed some interesting characters trying to remain out of sight

Ali and Mark were giving some technical tips to Gary

Meanwhile Hugh pushed on upstream, brave man using his wife's birthday present
before she has had a chance to christen it ...

Frankie and Leslie paddled on around Desborough as we closed in on Shepperton

All too soon we were heading back on the downstream leg, as dusk fell we arrived back at the weir

We all had a great paddle and now it was time for some rehydration in the other Weir

Check out the video:

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "



13th Aug

Blue Chip Cruises to Hampton Court and beyond

Jules and I arrived to find Mark, Hanno, Sarah, Frankie, William, Terry, John and soon joined by Ian. Lizz and Martin also arrived to check out the paddle.

We were soon ready for the off

We pushed on up to Hampton Court

And then on past the lock and around Taggs Island

Then on past the Astoria Houseboat

We rounded Garrick's Ait and headed back downstream

We were soon crossing the lock and heading back down to Hampton Court Bridge

Once under the bridge is was clear paddling

As we passed Ditton Island dusk was closing fast

The Club was a welcoming site

Here is the video of the outward paddle

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "

Checkout the video




6th Aug

Blue Chip Paddles the 3 Rivers

13 of us set off from the Pub at about 18:45 and headed upstream

We soon hit the tunnel and pushed on through

Then it was on to the land bridge which separated us from the River Mole,
here we made our exit onto the bridge

Once all were out of the River Ember, we made our way across the field and then started our
re-launching back onto the River Mole, on by one we made our own unique launching process

Some decided to take flight and become SUPer Man and Wonder Woman

Others found there own way to keep cool

Once we were all together we set off once more on our journey of discovery up the River Mole

Once we reached Wilderness Weir, we re-lunced

 Then came the grim realization that this was the end of the road (river) due to an infestation of
impassable knotweed

This was just not going to happen.

Here is the video of the outward paddle

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "

The Homeward journey will be coming soon



30th July

The Surrey Amazon paddle with Blue Chip

10 of us met up at the launch site, Jules and I were about 30 minutes late due to road traffic and various holdups, we collected Leslie and her board from the railway station and were soon at the launch site,
We unloaded Leslie's board and between three of the guys they inflated her 12'6 board in about 4 minutes (must be a record)

We were soon on our way to the waters edge

Then the ten of us were off into the adventure

The river at this stage was very placid as we pushed on upstream

The Surrey Amazon paddle was living up to expectation

Everything except the snakes and crocks

once back we deflated our boards and packed them away ready for the next time

Time to retire to the pub for rehydration and debrief

Checkout the video of the full paddle

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "

23rd July

The Send to Wisley paddle

13 of us met up at the New Inn at Send, we had already left a couple
of vehicles to the finish point in Wisley

A quick mothers meeting ensude to decide who was going to be drinks monitor

Now it was time for the off, we pushed on down stream towards the lock and then on to the weir
with its unique exit point
Ian and I helped the other paddlers exit above the weir

now it was time to re-launch below the weir

once we were all safely back on the water we headed on down under the low bridge

and on to the Newark Priory ruins

Then it was a short paddle back onto the main stream again

Checkout the full video:

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "

16th July

The Guildford cruise to Send

We met up at the Row Barge pub at Guildford after leaving
a couple of vehicles at the finishing point,
Paul, Mark, Ali, Jon, Chris, Ian and myself rocked up at the starting point
and started our paddle, we soon pushed on

My, is that Jon looking a tad wet !!!!!!! (check out the video at the end)

This was a real cruise in the Surrey countryside

coming up was our second lock, Jon's nemesis !!!!!!

Check out the video

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "

9th July

Desborough Island Chill-Out paddle

We met up at the Anglers riverside pub in Walton on Thames  
Mads, Natalia, Paul W, Paul S, Bruce, Matthew, Jules and myself
We got ourselves ready and kicked off upstream and under Walton Bridge

We soon circumnavigated Desborough Island

Shepperton lock now came into view

We popped over the lock to our goal, the Thames Court Riverside pub.

After some much needed refreshment it was time to head back.

After the refreshment stop, Mads had a very laissez-faire look about him as he launched himself
onto his board from the bank and swiftly continued his momentum off the other side of the board
and into the water.

Julian and Paul W, (both trained water rescue operatives) launched into action and showed extemporary
courage as they got stuck in and gave Mads the encouragement he needed to get himself safely back
on his board. Well done lads on your first water rescue....

 Natalia checking out her new hover board

Paul and Julian squabbling over who should be on which board....

Grab a coffee and checkout the video......

All video passwords  "  1980bc  "