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Blue Chip has over 30 years of experience driven knowledge, that's why Blue Chip SUP Store is the No1 SUP Supplier in the UK.
Come and visit us at our High Street Store, we open at 07:30, Blue Chip - more than just an internet store

Blue Chip holds the largest stocks of SUP paddles in London and the UK. We offer the best package deals available.
Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Thames from Teddington & Kingston to Shepperton & Chertsey twice a week, every week. Blue Chip has been a professional water sports store since 1980 and at the forefront of SUP in the UK since the beginning. Check out our Blue Chip SUPer Club online blog with 145,000+ viewings, we are not just following a trend and jumping on the band wagon, we're setting the trend and moving the sport forward all the time. Blue Chip is probably the leading SUP store and SUP school in the UK.

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Micro Blade Runner

Micro Blade Runner is the next generation of paddle blade protector and manufactured with an integral 3M™ very powerful pressure sensitive adhesive on the entire inside of the product, so no need to mess about with blobs of super glue.

Carbon Paddles are great and I use them myself, Carbon paddles are strong, stiff and light but NOT very abrasion resistant, that's where Blade Runner comes into play: Blade Runner is made from pliable and abrasion resistant PVC and fits paddle blade edges ranging from 0.5mm to 4mm. Blade Runner makes a firm bond along its entire length. Fit it and forget it..! 

Blade Runner Kit comprises of:

  • 1 metre of Micro Blade Runner
  • Black PVC finishing tape
  • Full instruction


Micro Blade Runner Kit £15

  • 1 metre of Blade Runner plus 20 metres of PVC finishing tape
  • Will fit carbon, wooden and composite SUP
  • Firm bond over the entire blade edge
  • Abrasion resistant, tough and pliable
  • Tough urethane tape protects neck of paddle
  • Latest generation of blade protection
  • Will fit blade edge thicknesses of 1-4mm (composite blades)
  • Developed and tested on UK rivers, lakes and coast

Application Instructions

Paddle Grip
More and more paddlers are using a Paddle Grip. Blue Chip has developed two paddle grips, both with excellent qualities. Blue Chip Paddle Grip is 50cm in length and can be fitted to the paddle shaft in the area that you would place your lower hand. Paddle Grip is designed to give you improved comfort and grip on the lower shaft which in turn will result in less fatigue and a more enjoyable paddle..

Diamond Grip Paddle Grip:

Diamond Grip £10

This is manufactured from a specially formulated polymer which is only 1.2mm thick and has undergone a surface treatment that provides a non-slip textured finish, ideal for SUP Paddle Grip. Supplied in tubular form and 50cm in length. The Diamond Grip can be slid down the paddle shaft (once the handle is removed) positioned directly around the paddle shaft in the area required and then heat shrunk to using either a hair drier or steam from a kettle. Once the Diamond Paddle Grip has been heat shrunk in position, it becomes a stable part of the paddle and remains firmly in place.


Paddle Bags and Covers

If you spent good money on your carbon paddle, look after it with one of these well made bags

Full size Paddle Bag

Gun Sail SUP Full Paddle Bag Travel Paddle £29.95
  • 5 mm exterior foam protection for a secure car transport, for airline travel and storage
  • Will accept 1 or 2 paddles
  • Carry strap and handle
  • Non corroding zip and twin runners
  • UK Produced for all SUP paddles UV- reflecting material against overheating
  • Adjustable length for use with all SUP paddles
  • Sizes range from 72" to 91" (185cm to 231cm) or travel paddle size 114 cm long