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Blade Runner application instructions

I-SUP Board Brands

Manufactured with an integral 3M pressure sensitive adhehsive on the inside tm along its entire length, so no need to mess about with blobs of superglue. Blade Runner will give you a firm bond along the whole of its length and is made from pliable and abrasion resistant PV. Can be used on paddle blade edges 1mm to 4mm thick.

INSTALLING Clean the paddle blade, wash with fresh water and dry off. Remove wax, oil or grease and impurities with isopropyl alcohol (acetone/nail varnish remover), and offer the Blade Runner to the paddle blade to position it so that it is evenly distributed around the blade. (Trim off any excess with scissors).

Start at one end and press the Blade Runner into position on the blade. From there, work your way around the blade, pushing the Blade Runner on firmly. Hold each section in for a few seconds, to ensure the adhesive gets chance to bond with the paddle.

That’s it - job done! Blade Runner fully cures in about 12 hours, at normal temperatures.

Notes: In cold conditions you can soak Blade Runner in warm water for a few minutes to make it more pliable for application. The small amount of water residue on the Blade Runner will not affect the performance of the waterproof adhesive.

If the ends of the Blade Runner show any signs of lifting, Superglue should sort it out.

If your paddle blade edge widens significantly at the neck, making it hard for the Blade Runner to stay on, you may wish to keep it fixed in place by wrapping insulation tape around the paddle neck, overlapping the Blade Runner ends.

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Set out the tools that you will need: a knife or scissors, the Blade Runner, a surface cleaner like white spirits.
Clean the paddle blade; wash with fresh clean water and dry off. Remove any wax, oil or grease and impurities with white spirits, isopropyl alcohol or nail varnish remover.

NB- Some cleaning fluids may damage printed logos and deckles on some blades so be carful, do a test piece first in an inconspicuous place and only clean the edge of the blade where the Blade Runner will be fitted.

Work out your stating point close to the neck of the paddle and press one end of the Blade Runner onto the starting point and hold firmly for about 10 seconds or so.

Now press the Blade Runner into place progressively around the complete paddle blade until you arrive at the opposite point to where you started from.

Cut the Blade Runner with scissors at the appropriate place and press firmly in place for about 10 seconds or so. Blade Runner adhesive fully cures in about 12 hours depending on surrounding temperature..

And that's all there is to it, you're ready to go..!

If required you can use some PCV electrical tape to wrap around both ends of the Blade Runner and the neck of the paddle to cover about 5-6cm of the paddle neck and Blade Runner ends, however, taping the ends to the neck is not usually necessary as the integrated 3M pressure sensitive adhesive is very tenacious.

Here you will see the subtle difference between an unprotected paddle blade and a paddle protected by Blade Runner.

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