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SUPing to the Airport

I-SUP Boards

We kicked off at 18:00 from Weybridge where the Wey Navigation Canal splits from the River Wey. Paul was delayed in traffic but en route.

We headed off up the River Wey minus Paul and the river soon opened up to its full glory. This was Emma’s first river excursion.

The river was lined with weeping willows and such like.

Julian, Rob, Andy and myself decided to take the scenic route around an island only to find the exit blocked by fallen trees, so Julian, Rob and myself went back over-land to the main channel and Andy did a quick double back to the river. The over-landers took on some stinging nettles - Julian found some small dock leaves and Rob found his own supply of giant dock leaves.

The river opened up with some fields on our right

before closing in again with dense vegetation on both sides.

We soon came across the main Byfleet railway bridge where we found a couple of dogs swimming.

Then we had our first glimpse of our goal:- Brooklands. The boundaries of Brooklands were defined by the Brooklands railway bridge.

Just in front of the bridge the water shallowed and the current increased somewhat. We had to move to the front of the boards and paddle like crazy, or like Rob, get off and then get back on again.

At this point Julian’s board succumbed to the strong current and flipped him into the shallows, this was to be only the first dunking of the evening. We paddled up to the bridge and took a break. I decided that as the light was beginning to fade I would paddle on into Brooklands and take some images. So I paddled a careful route through the array of metal scrap that had been thrown into the river and on to our goal. Passing the Brooklands famous banked race track and sign wall

where the World's first air ticket office is situated.

Passed Mercedes World

and on to where I could also see some of the aircrafts on the opposite side of the bank.

I paddled on up passed the famous Brooklands chequered flag.

Then Gordon came paddling up to meet me and broke the news about Robs misdemeanour

Rob had come a cropper..! When Rob had first fallen off his board, it had been much to the amusement of everyone until they realised that he had cut his leg on something sharp under the water. Andy and Emma paddled back with Rob so that he could get some proper medical attention.

We tracked back, under the Brooklands railway bridge, to where After hearing this Paul and Julian also joined Gordon and myself and we decided to turn around to catch up with Rob and the others. Now dusk was really setting in as we paddled back to our cars.

We caught up with the others as they were just getting out and I must say, Rob’s leg looked a mess. We packed up without delay and Rob set off for the hospital. Nearly forgot to mention to make the evening complete, Emma also took a dive just as she was about to get out at the end. Well done Emma.