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 Starboard 2021 Astro Boards

I-SUP Board Brands

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Starboard IGo
Zen SC 10'8''x33''
Starboard IGo
Zen SC 11'2''x31+''
Starboard IGo Tikhine Sun
Deluxe SC 2021 11'2''x31+''

Stiffer, stronger and easier to inflate, the Inflatable range offers boards for racing,
cruising, fishing, yoga and river paddling.
  • Target rider: For all paddlers up to 120+kg with added volume to carry gear.
  • Weights: Due to the construction methods, weights listed are +/− 10%  (usually on the lighter end of the scale)
  • Construction: 2 main technologies; Zen Strong and Durable, Deluxe Light and Stiff. Racer models in the lightest and strongest Starlight Technology. Starship, Atlas and Whopper in the strongest Club technology suited for schools and clubs.
  • Dimensions: Widths from 28" up to the super stable 36" (Excluding Starship). Board lengths range from the smallest 8'6" Stream up to the faster 14' Racer and 18' Starship.
  • Key Features: Bungee tie downs to carry gear and FCS inserts for lights and accessories.
  • Fins: Zen and Club feature fixed Side fins and Deluxe has removal FCS fin box. Universal US Center fin box on all boards.