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STX 2021 Air Boards

I-SUP Board Brands

£619 - £420 £649
12'6 Air Race The Inflatable
Windsurfing Board
£509 - £359
The iFoil Wingsurf Board

Slot In fin box system:

The STX "Air Boards" use the proven "slot in" fin box system used by many other brands such as Naish and Mistral.

The Slot Box system requires no tools to attach and detach the fin.
The WindSUP comes complete with an over-sized slot box centre fin to enhance up-wind performance
STX Travel Paddle
The STX polycarbonate paddle has a full high aspect blade to give effortless long distance cruising. The STX travel paddle has an extensive height range from 67" to 85" and suits paddler heights from 4'11" to 6' 5".

The paddle can be supplied with a softer warm PVC covering on request.
(This is an exclusive free service for Blue Chip customers)

Double Layering System:
The STX "Air Boards" have been designed and constructed to be an important addition to the quality AIR SUP market.  STX Air Boards have excellent construction / weight ratio.  STX Air boards have a "full dual layering" system   plus a generous  EVA deck  pad, the boards have a dual layer rail band for 100% security. The STX Air boards also feature a high density of drop stitch which along with the 6" depth gives superb stiffness. (4" depth on the 9'8")

Each board comes with stainless steel "D" ring mounts for secure stowage and a rucksack style storage bag
STX Double Action Pump
The STX double action pump puts twice the air volume into the board against other single action pumps and then can be switched to work as a high pressure pump to top up the board to its working pressure of about 18psi. A pressure gauge is built into the pump handle