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Packing your board for transport

I-SUP Board Brands

When packing your board, please take this simple advice into consideration. Remember, the following is only advice and it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you pack and protect your equipment whist it is in transit.

The transport company will not be liable for any damage whatsoever if the packing is deemed inadequate for the goods within, even if it has enhanced insurance. Please Note: Carriers will charge for the overall weight and size of the finished package, you will be charged considerable more for any package that exceeds 20kg.

Thin sheets of polystyrene are the best protection.  NOTE; the overall weight of your packed board should not exceed 20kg.

Click on the PDF image to download and complete our damage report form.  By completing the Blue Chip damage report form we can see the exact damage needing attention and thereby reduce and confusion on what damage you wish us to rectify.  

Please include printed copies of all email communications regarding any estimates and time scales given as this will help speed things up for us both.

  • Make sure that your board is clean, free from sand and sea water and dry. Sending us a wet and dirty board will only take longer and incur more cost as we will have to find the time to clean and then dry your board prior to starting the repair. A dirty board usually ends up at the back of the queue.
  • Protect the nose, tail and rails then use thin polystyrene sheets or bubble wrap to protect the underside then a good quality board bag. Remember, the overall weight of your packed board should not exceed 20kg.
  • If you still have the original box and packing that your board came in, that should be sufficient.
  • You may be able to obtain a board packing box from your local retailer.
  • Make sure you put you own name, address and phone number details on the pack in case it gets lost.
  • Label the pack with our name and address very prominently at least twice.
  • Clearly mark your board with your name and the damage you want us to repair
  • Label the complete package with the senders name and address and the delivery address: Blue Chip, 94 Church Hill Road, Cheam, Surrey SM3 8LJ
    Important Insurance Information:
  • "Standard Transit Insurance Cover" only gives you a very basic cove with a maximum payout of something like £8 per kg for a pack that is either lost or damaged. ie. A 15kg pack will be insured for a total value of £120 for a complete loss.
  • For a small extra charge you can usually get enhanced insurance cover for the true value of your board. 
  • If you do not specifically instruct the transit company to give you enhance freight insurance, their "standard transit insurance" maximum liability for any consignment will not exceeded the terms of their "Standard Transit Insurance cover" whatsoever on any account.