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3 Part Travel Paddles

I-SUP Board Brands

3 part
Red Alu STX Soft Edge Structural Composite paddle Red Carbon Starboard
Tiki Tech 
72" to 81"
1280 gsm
71" to 87"
1280 gsm
71" to 87"
1235 gsm
71" to 88"
999 gsm
62" to 91"
960 gsm
66" to 86"
840 gsm
61" to 82"
62" to 85"
650 gsm

Standard Breakdown SUP Paddle

Standard 3 Piece adjustable (We provide this paddle free with every board we supply) £59.95

Blue Chip Standard Breakdown SUP Paddle Reinforced Polycarbonate bladed paddles:
Tough, powerful paddle. A flat face has been designed into the blade along with reinforced wings to keep the shape. The 3 piece travel paddle is a superbly designed cross over paddle. It has a smooth aluminium shaft and tough polycarbonate blade and handle.  The paddle "back" has a slight curve from edge to edge which reduces snagging and increases control through turns when surfing. This is a great paddle. The stainless steel quick release mechanism allows quick and precise assembly and length adjustment and break down. This is the perfect travel paddle and fits neatly into the inflatable sup bag. Light and strong

  • An extremely tough polycarbonate & fibre blade

  • Adjustable length from 68" - 83" in2cm increments

  • Broken-down pack size: 1.18kg - W23cm x L100cm x D 5cm

  • Length can be adjusted on the water in only a couple seconds

  • Fitted with comfortable palm grip

£25 discount on a future performance paddle  

The Blue Chip Standard Travel Paddle ·        

If you have received our standard travel paddle FREE OF CHARGE as part of your iSUP board package , you will also receive a discount of £25 when you purchase any complete performance paddle between 1 and 6 months of purchasing this board package (subject to proof of purchase)  

To find out more about paddles and their relative benefits see

STX paddle  

STX high aspect breakdown SUP Paddle Reinforced Polycarbonate blade:
A Tough paddle with a soft feel with its reduced area blade.

Black warm touch shaft covering available on request

STX 3 part paddle £69.95

Soft edge blade paddle  

Blue Chip Soft edge breakdown SUP Paddle Reinforced Polycarbonate blade:
A Tough paddle with a soft edge to the blade, so it is very kind to your board

Black warm touch shaft covering available on request

Soft Edge 3 part paddle £79.95

Structural Composite   

This is a great quality paddle that has a Structural Composite make up using structural glass fibre set within a composite resin

Performance 100% Carbon Paddle  

Jobe high performance SUP Paddle - Strong and light:
The blade is 100% flat carbon lattice twill laminate, that enables a reduction in weight with straighter fibres resulting in a stronger thinner laminate. Produced at over 300°c under high pressure with all superfluous resin expelled to give exceptional strength to weight ratio. The blade edge has a full length ABS rail insert to give an abrasion resistance clean entry edge for longevity. The lower joint has a single push pin. The top clamp has twin screws for positive locking.

Performance 100% 3 part Carbon Paddle £199
  • 3-Piece construction with push pin locking at the lower join
  • Full lightweight autoclave 100% lattice carbon blade
  • A modest dihedral on the blade face to give exceptional grip.
  • Medium / high aspect blade design for multi use paddling
  • Blade dimensions: 7.75" x 16"
  • Fine entry blade edge
  • Full ABS rail protection
  • Length: 175 – 215cm (69 – 89 inches)
  • Weight 670 grams (+/- 5%)
  • 100% carbon palm grip handle
  • Full 12k carbon adjustable shaft with low profile double pin pressure clamp
  • Low profile push pin Blade/Shaft connection
  • 12 month Blue Chip paddle warranty