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Paddle Technique Workshop 2014

I-SUP Board Brands


Some things are better with experience
and Blue Chip has over 30 years of experience driven knowledge
Let us share our experience and knowledge with you on
Sunday 27th April 2014
at our new Lake Location
We have now partnered with Shepperton Open Water Swim
at the Ferris Meadow Lake, Ferry Lane, Shepperton, Surrey TW17 9LH

  • We have shown you the best of the boards

  • Now let us help you get the best out of your board 

  • We are now offering you the chance to have some paddling
    technique coaching and best of all It's

  • We can also advise you on blade design,
    blade size and paddle length

"The most important item in your SUP equipment; The Paddle..! After all, this is a paddle sport and the paddle is so often overlooked as an afterthought. The paddle is what drives you through the water, the engine, your direct connection to convert your effort into performance. It would not be irrational to advise you to choose and buy a very good paddle fitted to you, and then see what you have left in the coffers to buy your board. Like a lot of SUP suppliers, at Blue Chip we offer a free standard paddle with most new boards just to help you get into the sport, but we advise you to upgrade your paddle to the correct model fitted to your paddling style as soon as you can afford to do so. A good paddle fitted to match your paddling style and action should not be underestimated and won’t cost the earth. We can supply a high performance paddle fitted to your style of paddling weighing in at under 630gms for just £128. The paddle and your paddle action are more important to your performance than the board."
Brian Johncey,

It's all part of the Blue Chip Season


We will have some of the best paddles available for you to try

Try out the latest in:
  • High Aspect Blade design
  • Enduro blade designs
  • Carbon vs Glass vs composite blades
  • 100% Carbon rebound shafts
  • Glass rebound shafts
  • 100% Carbon 3 part adjustable shafts
  • 100% carbon oval shafts
  • Diamond grip
  • Blade runner protection

In order for each individual to get the best out of the coaching session, we have split the participants into two groups
(morning and afternoon) with no more than 15 in each group, The morning session guys are welcome to stay on
in the afternoon and practice while the afternoon session is taking place.
Please bring your own drinks and refreshments as the forecast is too unpredictable for a BBQ
09:30 Signing in for morning session attendees opens.
10:00 - 12:00 Paddle Technique Workshop (Morning session)
  We will start with the serious stuff on on land and then move onto the water to put the theory into practice  
12:00 Break for lunch and debrief
13:30 Signing in for afternoon session attendees opens.
14:00 - 16:00 Paddle Technique Workshop (Afternoon session)
We will start with the serious stuff on on land and then move onto the water to put the theory into practice  
16:00 Finish and debrief
  Unfortunately, no BBQ due to uncertain weather forecast

Click here to register your interest in the workshop
Places will be limited and are already filling up.
You will be expected to bring your own paddle and board.

Event Location:  Ferris Lane Lake, Ferry Lane, Shepperton, Surrey TW17 9LH