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Inflation Day 2018

I-SUP Board Brands

Saturday 7th April

09:00 - 14:00

Don't be late...
Over 60 i-SUP models should be on show and on demo
Best of all, it's


The iSUPs will be there for you to check and compare but
The River conditions will be very challenging and we were considering cancelling the event.
but the event is still on.


We will only be letting experienced paddlers
out on the water in a confined area close to the
river bank to test boards back to back.


The Knowledge Zone Why buy from Blue Chip Why buy an iSUP
iSUP Construction Choosing the right board for you Free Shipping

What's your favourite brand ? no matter, we have all the best

i-SUP brands in one place!
Now it's your chance to have a go and compare like with like

Click here for Event details and restrictions

Inflation Day Offers

A very special Inflation Day offer
(on boards purchased - only on the day subject to stock)

Travel Paddle Upgrades

(for all boards purchased on inflation day)

  • Free up grade to a carbon hybrid adjustable Travel Paddle

Red Paddle Co.
Starboard Astro
  Gun Sails

Aqua Inc.



Schedule Saturday 7th April 2018
09:00 Signing in opens - coffee & tea in the Clubhouse and let the fun begin ..!
(You will receive a £20 voucher when you sign in)
and the fun begins
  Cruise on the Thames; around the Ravens Ait (opposite the club) and along the grounds of Hampton Court. You will be able to use any of the demo i-SUPs, or your own board  you will also be able to swap around boards and i-SUPs, you should have ample opportunity to try everything during the day.
14:00 Finish
Please bring your paddle
if you want to maximise your time on the water, we suggest you
should also bring your own board
Risk Assessment Event Waiver


You must bring your own paddle

Inflation day is primarily for relatively competent paddlers to
(depending on numbers taking part)
test driving various boards for the purpose of comparison
(like test driving a car, you have to be able to drive in order to test drive a car)
This should not be viewed as a "free board rental day"

This is not an event for those that just want to
try SUPing
There is no instruction, so you will need to be able to paddle a board
competently to take any board out onto the river.
You will also need your own paddle to take part.
Click  here for our "Try SUPing" Event on 1st July

  • You must sign in and collect your event wrist band
  • You must be a competent paddler and able to self rescue
  • You need to bring your own paddle, there will be paddles to try but you must bring your own paddle
  • You must come off the water if instructed to do so by a member of the event crew
  • Minimum age 16 years old


          If you just want to try SUPing, this event may not be for you
However, you are welcome to come down and compare board for board on land
or you can come either book into one of
our SUP lessons, or come to our Try SUPing event on the1st July

Blue Chip Board Store is hosting
Inflation Day

Saturday 7th April 2018
at our riverside base
The Thames Sailing Club, Portsmouth Road,
Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4HH
09:00 - 14:00

  • The Top i-SUP brands will be there to give you the lowdown
  • Check out the 2018 i-SUP Adventure boards
  • Have a look at the 2018 i-SUP Race Boards
  • Have a look at the new 2018 travel paddles
  • See the 2018 compact i-SUP boards for all water conditions
  • Have a go at SUPolo on the new SUPolo boards and paddles
  • Try them out on the glorious River Thames

2018 new models will be shown here soon

Event Location:  Thames Sailing Club, Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4HH

TSC is just in the Low Emission Zone