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Battle Of The Thames BOTT  - Year 9

I-SUP Board Brands


Battle of the Thames sponsored by "Made for water"
We are pleased to have Zhik as our main sponsor for the 2019 BOTT
Zhik are joining us in our continuing fight against single use plastic by supplying every competitor with a
Zhik 700ml sports reusable drinks bottle

Plus, Zhik are also giving special
prizes for the 1st 2nd & 3rd places
in the 14' category

In total Zhik are supplying over £4,000
worth of sponsorship goodies directly
to our BOTT competitors
A note from our sponsor
"Zhik are delighted to be able to support the Blue Chip Battle of the Thames race. We come from competitive sailing where at the last Olympics more medalists wore our gear than any other brand, we come from the Ocean where the last Volvo Ocean race was won buy a boat using our kit. We are Made For Water and we are very pleased to be able to support such wonderful and growing sport. We wish every athlete the very best of luck and hope that each and everyone has a thrilling, fun and safe race!"

   This is the 2018 Battle of the Thames - The Results>
and the course video

2019 The Results

The BOTT 5 year calendar 
2018 2019 2020
10th Anniversary
2021 2022
28th April 27th April 13th June 12th June 18th June

NOTE:-  We were over subscribed in 2019

Here are some great images and video clips  

BOTT 1/a>    BOTT 2      BOTT 3      Jade Rogers Photography   

A big thank you to all competitors who took part in the most challenging weather conditions for BOTT
throughout its 9-year history. The winds consistently remained at 18 -22 mph with gusts of 35 mph

and yet you came and you conquered the BOTT. Well Done..

The 2020 BOTT will be held in mid-June so the weather
should be considerably better for next year

E&OE Please advise if you have any queries

NOTE:- the time for Karl Hobbs has been adjusted by 2 minutes for assisting a fellow paddler